American Football is part of my life.

American Football is the peak of strength, this can be considered the cradle of the ball sport and here you will encounter the big teams, famous names of each player. 

American Football is also very popular because it can literally be played anywhere, all you need is a ball. It also doesn’t require a lot of players, while soccer games usually need more players. We can see many countries, localities use rugby as a sport to exercise health every day.

 There are many dangerous sports in the world, but saying American football is one of the most dangerous sports is not exaggerated at all. Any professional player must accept career risks due to injuries caused by this subject. However, the number of fans of this sport is increasing, Tampa Bay Buccaneers is my favorite team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a professional American football team based in Tampa, Florida. The Buccaneers currently compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the league’s National Football Conference (NFC) South division. The club joined the NFL in 1976 as an expansion team, along with the Seattle Seahawks. Tampa Bay played its first season in the American Football …

Conference (AFC) West division as part of the 1976 expansion plan, whereby each new franchise would play every other franchise over the first two years. After the season, the team switched conferences with the Seahawks and became a member of the NFC Central division. During the 2002 league realignment, the Buccaneers joined three former NFC West teams to form the NFC South. The club is owned by the Glazer family, and plays its home games at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

The Buccaneers are the first post-merger expansion team to win a division championship, a playoff game, and to host and play in a conference championship game; all three accomplishments occurred during the 1979 season. They are also the first team since the merger to complete a winning season when starting 10 or more rookies, which happened in the 2010 season. In 1976 and 1977, the Buccaneers lost their first 26 games. They would not win their first game in franchise history until Week 13, of 14, in 1977. After a brief winning era in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the team suffered through 14 consecutive losing seasons. Then, for a 10-year period, they were consistent playoff contenders and won Super Bowl XXXVII at the end of the 2002 season, but have not yet returned to the Super Bowl.

As of the end of 2018 NFL season, the Buccaneers have played 43 seasons and compiled an overall record of 266–424–1 (.386), with a regular-season record of 255–404–1 (.387) and a playoff record of 6–9 (.400). The Buccaneers have the dubious honor of having the worst win-loss percentage of not only the 32 NFL teams, but all four major American sports leagues. Super Bowl championships (1) 2002, Conference championships (1) 2002, Division championships (6) 1979, 1981, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2007, . To achieve such victories, Tampa Bay Buccaneers it took a lot of effort, tried to train, tried to learn, and exchanged even minor injuries, you guys were always very enthusiastic in your tournaments.

Small gifts about Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The more developed society, the higher the human needs. On social networks (facebook, zalo, telegram, …,) we all encounter images with names or pictures of idols. Many young people forget to eat, to sleep, to chase idols dreams. 

There are many ways we can show our love to our stars. I am a huge fan of  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  and I always collect meaningful gifts of this bouncing ball, looking for gifts printed with Tampa Bay Buccaneers  ‘ names like shoes, briefcases, shirts … Coming Christmas, I will look for decorations go to my house, or to the tree in the house, decorate gifts with the name of the team.

In addition, I also collect cups with my idol’s name or shirts, all of which are meaningful gifts.

You can give your friends or relatives these gifts, it would be great if your loved ones also admire Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Wish you will find the right gifts for you and your friends and family.

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